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Minimizing The Negative Effects Of A Conviction

A conviction for even a minor crime can have consequences that may follow you for the rest of your life. A criminal record can make it difficult to find certain types of employment or qualify for student loans, or impede your ability to find quality housing. Fortunately, options are available to help hide your criminal history from public view. As an expungement lawyer, I can help seal your criminal record. You should not have to continue to pay for your past mistakes.

I am prepared to help you explore your options for dealing with your criminal record. Contact me online, or call 866-958-5995 to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation. Based in Richmond, I represent clients throughout the state of Indiana.

Helping You Get A Fresh Start

In the Internet age, public information is easily available at the click of a button. Employers are particularly savvy at using this information when making hiring decisions. Imagine a decades-old DUI/DWI arrest preventing you from qualifying for a job, or a drug crime conviction in college continuing to haunt you in your adult life. At the Arnold Law Office, I may be able to help seal these records from the prying eyes of employers and other members of the public.

Find Out If Your Record Is Eligible For Expungement

Not every conviction is eligible for expungement. Certain felonies may never be sealed or expunged. Other criminal convictions require a set period of time that must pass before they are eligible to be expunged. I can review your situation in-depth and let you know what your options are going forward.

You May Be Able To Seal Your Criminal Record With The Help Of A Wayne County Attorney

A criminal record does not necessarily have to follow you for the rest of your life. I may be able to help you move forward. Contact me online, or call 866-958-5995.