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Tailoring Child Custody And Child Support Orders To Fit Your Needs

Many people believe that once a family court order is established, that is the end of the matter. While the terms of any custody, support, property or alimony order must be followed, these types of orders can be changed if a party’s circumstances change. The courts may allow an alteration to the terms in situations that require it.

If you believe that one of your family law orders needs to be changed, talk to me, Richmond modifications attorney Jeffrey Arnold. With more than 24 years of experience, I have extensive knowledge of the family law and modification laws in Indiana. Contact my office, the Arnold Law Office, by calling 866-958-5995 to schedule a consultation.

Types Of Orders That Can Be Modified

Technically, any type of order that was created during your divorce or another family law resolution process can be modified if situations warrant the changes. Orders pertaining to property division and alimony (spousal support) can be changed. However, the most common types of orders that are modified are child support and child custody.

  • Child custody modifications: When a parent needs or wants more or less time with a child, or one parent is changing states, or any other change in living circumstances has occurred, the courts may approve a change in child custody arrangements. Any relocation must be approved by the court before they can take place, otherwise a parent may be in violation of a custody order.
  • Child support modifications: Since the amount of child support paid is calculated by a state statute-set formula, the loss or gaining of income by one parent can have a drastic effect on child support. However, you must have evidence of your inability or the other parent’s ability to pay more.

Enforcement Of Existing Orders

In addition to handling modifications, I can also advise and represent clients who are dealing with the enforcement of court orders. If you are violating the terms of an order, you may be held in contempt, leaving you facing fines and jail time.

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