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Are you seeking to establish a legal guardianship for a special needs child, or an adult stricken by Alzheimer’s disease? You will appreciate the experience, legal knowledge and sensitivity that I bring to those family law tasks at the Arnold Law Office.

Quality Legal Assistance With Your Indiana Guardianship

I am attorney Jeffrey Arnold. I have served appreciative clients in Richmond and throughout Indiana for over 24 years. My quality legal services come to you with cost-efficiency, maximum availability and a true desire to listen to your wishes.

You can contact me today at this toll-free phone number: 866-958-5995. I can access foreign language interpretation if you need it.

Guardianships protect the unprotected. A guardian is appointed by the probate court or juvenile court to oversee the legal, financial and/or personal affairs of a child or an adult who is not competent to manage his or her own affairs. As your lawyer, I represent relatives and loved ones of minor children and adults who are unable to manage their own affairs.

Leave Your Legal Issues To The Arnold Law Office

You can expect keen personal attention to duties such as annual reporting and accounting of expenses, and inventories of trusts and assets for the guardianship. I also assist at hearings, with the formulation of special needs trusts and discharges of guardian duties due to transfers, the reaching of majority ages (age 24) or death.

Your guardianship goals and rights will be protected at all times, at the Arnold Law Office. You can feel free to leave your legal issues to me, starting today.

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