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A person may seek a name change for any number of reasons. A change of name may be desired following a divorce. Sometimes, hospitals will make an error in the spelling of a name following a birth, leading to a host of potential problems down the line. I am Jeffrey Arnold, and as a Richmond name change attorney, I can help guide you through this process to ensure a smooth transition, regardless of your situation. I have been serving my clients throughout Indiana successfully for more than 24 years.

If you need to change your name or correct a hospital error, I am prepared to help. Contact me online, or call 866-958-5995 to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation.

Correcting Hospital Naming Errors

It is not uncommon for hospitals to get names wrong. This may occur when a patient is admitted or when an error is made on a child’s birth certificate. This is a particular problem for Spanish-speaking individuals, and may cause serious issues if a person is a dual citizen and attempts to travel. I offer Spanish language services, and can help with child name changes and correct hospital errors made when adults are admitted. It is important to call the Arnold Law Office as soon as the error is discovered, to avoid problems in the future.

Changing A Name Following A Divorce

Many people may wish to go back to their previous name, prior to a marriage that ended in a divorce. I can help you accomplish this at the time of your divorce, or later on if you have not yet made a decision regarding your name. I can also help adults who wish to change their names for any other reason. This can be a complicated process. Allow me to handle all of the legal work so you can concentrate on other aspects of your life.

Contact A Wayne County Attorney Who Can Help File For A Name Change

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a change to your name, I am here to answer your questions and handle the filing process. Contact me, a Richmond name change lawyer, online, or call 866-958-5995 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.