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2022 Changes to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines – Part I

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law |

The Indiana Supreme Court made some major changes to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (ITPG) that took effect on January 1, 2022. This version of the IPTG will apply to new or modified parenting time orders that reference the IPTG that a court issues on or after January 1, 2022. Some of the major changes, which we will discuss in greater detail below, include:

  • Publication of an online calendar to help parents create a parenting time schedule for the year
  • Clarification on what a parent can and cannot do to restrict communication between the child and the other parent
  • Changes to reduce conflict during drop offs and pick ups for parenting time
  • Handling transportation to and from extracurricular activities

Do the 2022 Changes to the IPTG Change My Parenting Time Order?

You should keep in mind that if your parenting time order references the IPTG and it was in effect before January 1, 2022, then your parenting time order follows the version of the IPTG that was in effect on the date that the court issued your order. In other words, the changes to the ITPG may not affect you if you already had a parenting time order in place as of January 1, 2022. Furthermore, changes to the ITPG alone does not constitute good cause to modify your existing parenting time order; you still must show that any requested modifications to your parenting time order are in the best interest of your child.

Can I Restrict Communication Between My Child and Their Other Parent?

The 2022 ITPG added or clarified various provisions concerning communications between children and their parents. Specifically, a parent must:

  • Not record communications between the child and the other parent
  • Relay to the child email and text messages from the other parent, in addition to telephone messages

Overall, the message from the Indiana Supreme Court is that while a parent certainly has the right to discipline a child in their care by restricting access to cell phones or other communication devices, they cannot restrict or limit communication between the child and the other parent.

How Do the 2022 IPTG Affect Parenting Time Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs?

The 2022 IPTG add two major comments designed to reduce conflict between parents when they are exchanging a child for the purposes of parenting time. First, parents are not to use the police station as a parenting time exchange location unless there is a protective order in effect or a history of repeated intimidation or violent acts between the parties. Furthermore, parents should refrain from bringing third parties to visitation exchanges, such as significant others or grandparents, who may cause or increase the level of conflict between the parents.

Who is Responsible for Taking My Child to Extracurricular Activities?

If a child has an extracurricular activity, the parent exercising parenting time at the time of the activity has the first opportunity to transport the child to the activity. However, for school activities, the parent exercising parenting time at the time of the activity has the responsibility to transport the child to the activity.

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